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When combined with its incomparable location, spectacular views and elegant home, The Marbella is a singular offering that cannot be duplicated. Owners of this property will enjoy a lifetime of memorable experiences and a unique environment for entertaining guests. Supply and demand determines price, and since there are exactly two private contemporary homes in the American national park system, the upside price appreciation potential is extremely favorable and the downside risk is limited, as the neighboring federal land has been locked away forever. Furthermore, the property, by language contained within the enabling legislation for this national park, can never be taken from the property owner by the U.S. Federal Government. It can be acquired only with consent of the property owner via purchase, exchange, or gift.

Corporate Retreat

The property is situated perfectly to provide an unrivaled luxury retreat for corporate executives and company employees. Send your C-suite. They will have the opportunity to be inspired by the power of place, the natural wonder of the canyon, and to connect back to one-another and nature.

This property is not encumbered with a conservation easement. With its location in a national park, there may be conservation opportunities and unique charitable and political benefits available to the property. This is a high status property. The National Park Service would love to own it, if you wish to give it to them.

“Why is that particular parcel of value to the national park?”

“I call it the “power of place”. Until you stand on the rim of the canyon, which drops some 2,000 vertical feet below, until you hear the roar of the Gunnison River at its bottom, and until you hear the whispered passage of geologic time, you cannot understand the power of this place. But once you experience it, you will never forget it. It seeps in around the edges of our civilized lifestyles, and reminds us of the value of wilderness. Things happen in this canyon beyond the reach or influence of modern humans, which, I believe, keeps us humble in the face of the Black Canyon. I have confidence that the right buyer can become a citizen steward in helping us all protect this powerful place whose lessons are free to us, if we would only stop and listen to them in the context of the canyon. This could take several forms, from buying and holding a conservation easement, to donating a conservation easement, to outright donation of the ranch to the park service. It could also mean living on the land in a mutually compatible manner. What ever its future, the park service is interested in who becomes our new neighbor.”    

       -- Connie Rudd, former Black Canyon National Park Superintendent, addressing the issue of the Park Service possibly acquiring this parcel and the adjoining non-park 1700 acre Allison Ranch.

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